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Are you interested in investing, but need more of the basics?

Do you wish you had instruction without the concern that you’ll be pressured into buying a product?


Investing 101 is a "User's Guide" for understanding Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, UITs, REITs, Annuities, and Alternative Investments. We will discuss the different kinds of risks, sectors, and allocations, as well as the difference between the most popular kinds of IRAs.


Because we are not an investment firm, we will not try to sell you a product. That's not what we do! "We exist to make you a success," and a great deal of your success will come from proper education!


This event normally runs $147.

For a limited time, we are opening the doors at no cost !

This is our way of letting the community know we are here to help!





Is it time to learn how money behaves? Is investing really just luck-of-the-draw? Why do some consistently succeed in the stock market while others continue to have "bad luck?"  Where does one learn to manage risk and grow a portfolio faster than the S&P 500? How do smart traders protect investments during down times and maximize profits during periods of prosperity? 

GET SMART believes in teaching people to get it right the first time. Therefore, once learners attend Investing 101, (currently for free,) we invite them to take action and attend Cashing in on Equities. During this classroom event, we cover terminology, tools, and trends. Investors will know the difference between fundamental and tactical trading and will learn to identify enter and exit signals for the stock or index they have chosen. Students will then have the opportunity to enroll in Opting for Options! In this event, students will not only learn the basics, but also receive insight into the strategies used on Wall Street. Lastly, we encourage our learners to participate in The Big World of E-Mini Futures. During this latter part of this class, investors will bring their own device and practice the techniques delivered in a do-it-yourself paper trading session.

Each class comes with a Certificate of Completion to serve as a reminder of what was learned and experienced in each of these events.  

Scroll down to see more descriptions of Cashing in on Equities, Opting for Options!, and The Big World of E-Mini Futures. 



Cashing in on Equities

Whether you are a Financial Professional or a newbie to the market, this course teaches the basics of investing and how to pick winning companies by employing intelligent methods for entry and exit points. We focus both on the fundamental elements of company analysis and back it up with tried and tested technical indicators to give you the best "buy" and "sell" signals. The concepts we teach are easy to understand and apply, even for those with little to no experience in the market.

This class is only $247. If you can't make that up in a few trades...then come attend the class again for free!







Opting for Options

Is it time to take your stock trading to the next level? Learn how to enhance your trading with Options. Discover how to protect your existing equity holdings regardless of “overnight” drops in the market. Receive methods that allow you to control when you exit the market without the fear of a single down day. Hear about new ways of entering a stock at lower prices, and get paid to do so.  We invite you to enjoy the secrets of covered calls and earn monthly returns on stocks that are flat.  Trade the market successfully in any direction – Bull, Bear, flat….  It doesn’t matter.

This class? Just $347. Wow. Once you attend, you will see how quickly one can earn that back by being a SMART trader?





The Big World of E-Mini Futures

They've been around for 15 years, but what are they and how do we cash in on them? E-mini futures are franctional shares of the historic Futures Contract. Though smaller, don't underestimate their results! In this session, learners will discover the nuts and bolts of E-minis and explore the implimentation of sucessful strategies.

Then for those hands-on learners, the latter portion of the classtime will be devoted to teaching investors how to paper trade so they can give it a whirl with none of the risk. It's kind of like test driving a a similator!

All this for $447. It is an investment into your brain and your future...Enjoy the best dividends of all!